Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lauren's 9th Birthday

Well our first born turned 9 on June 25th, wow how the time flies by.  We had another swim party (she gets jipped on the fun places for parties since we have a pool and it's so stinkin hot in Texas).   

This year instead of cake and ice cream we did a sundae bar.  I got small buckets and shovels from party city for .99 and had a bucket for gummy worms, crushed oreo's, m&m's and cherries.  We served them in waffle cone bowls and had chocolate or caramel topping and of course wipped cream.  The kids loved them..  Here are some pics.

As most of us do we go overboard with our kids when it come to present time.   Our family learned allot over the last 12 months with my husband being unemployed for 1 year to the date and me pregnant.  We learned that our kids just needed family, not gifts.  Don't get me wrong, they LOVE gifts, but at the end of the day that one gift that they ask for and keep asking for it's worth the money to see their face light up.  Well our gift to Lauren was a Pillow Pet.  Yes, it's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a Pillow Pet (sorry couldn't help myself).  She wanted the Dolphin and here is a picture of her.

Lastly, I got some pics of the girls after presents and in the pool.  Enjoy!

The picture above of the boy is my oldest son, Chase...He is a hoot!  Love his personality, it's just like his dad's.

That's all for now..will be back soon with more product updates and life updates.


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