Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wood Project from Saturday Sept. 5th

For those of us that have stacks, boxes or buckets of ribbon here is a solution.  My wonderful and most talented husband built this for me on Saturday.  It was pretty easy to make we just searched online for some photos and then he made one for the exact space that I had available.  If you don't want to make your own we found many people offering to make these for under $50, just google ribbon holder.

My kids wanted to help daddy also so we set them up a table with some wire panels and zip ties and they created their own house for their favorite stuffed animal.  It was so cute, they came out with their Home Depot Hats, Aprons and Tools and went to town. 
Of course, while the kids and daddy were making their projects Mom was allowed some non-interrupted sewing time.. WOOHOO!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am happy to say that I am an official blogger now.  As you can read from my About Me page, Brownies n Butterflies was inspired by all the babies being born around us and the love I have for creating things. 

You will find on our blog updates on new product releases, promotions, family updates and tips for sewing.  If you are new to Brownies n Butteflies, visit our website at http://www.browniesnbutterflies/.  I am very excited to finish some of the fall items this week.. so keep looking. 

Follow my blog, twitter and facebook udpates.  If you have not become a fan of Brownies n Butterflies yet on Facebook, please do.  I will be doing a drawing for gift certificates reguarly.  First drawing is coming up in a week or so.